I don’t like to wait.  Especially when the time I have to wait is out of my control.  There are times when waiting isn’t too bad.  Like waiting for a commercial break to be over or a stop light to turn green. But then there are times when waiting is downright painful.

Waiting to see a loved one in heaven or a baby finally arrive.
Waiting for the hurt to go away or the benefits to come.
Waiting for a relationship to grow or a bad habit to die.
Waiting for the depression to fade away or the happiness to return.

I don’t know for what you are waiting. God revealed all the reasons why has you waiting right now, but he does tell you that while you’re waiting, he’s working.

He’s working for you.  No matter how miserable your waiting finds you, God promises he will bring blessings in the midst of the situation and work it for your ultimate good.  That’s a promise. Keep trusting him. (Ro 8:28)

He's also working on you. As you plug into his Word, he strengthens you and refines your faith in him.  As he speaks his Words of love and forgiveness, he’s making you more than a conqueror.  Keep listening to him. (Is 41.10)

Finally, he’s working through you.  As you patiently endure and humbly trust, he’s pointing the people who know you and hear you and see you to the God of all grace and the only Savior from sin. Keep honoring him. (Mt 5:16)

I don’t know for what you are waiting, but I do know for whom you are waiting—The LORD. While you’re waiting, he’s working.  Trust him, listen to him, and honor him and at just the right time, in just the right way, the waiting will be over.

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. – Psalm 27:14