Jesus Reigns

The nation of Israel was throwing a temper tantrum. They wanted to be like everyone else. They didn’t want and unseen God leading them through the voice of a prophet, they wanted a king they could see on a throne.  They wanted a real physical human ruling them and fighting their battles instead of trusting that God was on his throne behind the scenes.

They forgot that even with a king on the throne, it was God who would still be ruling.  The bravest king in the world couldn’t keep their enemies away if it was God’s plan for them to invade.  The best economic plan couldn’t keep them afloat if God had in mind to teach them contentment through poverty.  God finally gave them a king but taught them an important lesson. Whenever you depend on a human being to do what only God does, you will always be disappointed. And they were.  The reign of King Saul was very disappointing…but God was still in control, working his plan like he always does.

I wonder if we have more in common with the people of Israel than we think. I wonder if we are depending on a human being to do something that only God does.

The election is approaching. Fears and insecurities are high. Some say this is the most important election in the history of our nation. I don’t know enough to go that far, but it is important so please educate yourself, be informed, learn as much as you can, ask for God’s wisdom and guidance, and then vote your conscience.

But please also remember this. Neither Trump nor Biden make the sun go up or the rain come down…but God does.  Neither Biden nor Trump know the future, but God does.   It wasn’t a Republican or Democrat that took your place on the cross to die under God’s wrath for your sins.  It was Jesus, the Son of the living God who now lives and rules all things.

Whoever ends up in the oval office does not change the fact that the Lord is in his heavenly office.  After the election, your existence might be more comfortable, or it might be less.  It might be great or very disappointing…but God will still be in control, working his plan, like he always does.

There is only one ruler of heaven and earth.  He didn’t get voted into office. He was installed there by God himself.  Jesus lives and reigns…always. You can let the fears and insecurities go.

“I have installed my king
   on Zion, my holy mountain.”
– Psalm 2:6

Jesus Reigns