He'll Never Give Up

I don’t like to give up on things. Which is why it was so difficult to do what I did a few days ago. I boxed up a 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle that was only 1/3 finished.  I am ashamed to admit I lost the interest and drive to complete it. The progress was just far too slow. It was fun at first, but the enjoyment waned, and it was easy to forget about it.  After four days of inactivity, I finally called it quits and boxed it back up.

Putting a 2000-piece puzzle together is difficult.  I can only imagine how difficult it would be to put a person’s life together. Thousands of days to put in place one by one, all in the right order to make just the right picture.  When God created you he had quite the task in front of him, quite the puzzle to put together.

What if he just gave up? What if he lost interest in you? What if the progress was just too slow and he forgot about you?  What if he got so frustrated, he called it quits and abandoned you?

Maybe like me, there are times when you’ve wondered if that’s happened?  Something difficult happens in your life and you wonder if God’s struggling to put the pieces together.  Prayers go seemingly unanswered and you wonder if he’s taking a break or lost interest.  Your weaknesses make you wonder if you are too much of a burden and he’s ready to be done.  Repeated falls into sin convince you he’s ready to call it quits and abandon you.

Three words make all that wondering disappear. God loves you. He always has and always will. 2000 years ago, your life and mine hung in the balance as Jesus hung on the cross.  God had every reason to abandon us for our lives of disobedience. But God loves you. That enduring love for you drove him to fill his Son with your sin and abandoned him in order to vindicate you. The love that led him to do that endures still today and forever.

You’re the work of his hands. His loving eyes are focused on you.  His powerful hands are working on you and for you. He loves you and he will never abandon you…never.

The Lord will vindicate me; your love, Lord, endures forever— do not abandon the works of your hands. - Psalm 138:8

He'll Never Give Up