He Is Close

I was a strange child.  Longer than I would care to admit I slept on the floor outside my parent’s bedroom.  My parents tried to remedy the situation by buying me a new mattress with planets and spaceships all over it but it didn’t work. Night after night, I would pull my pillow and blanket into the hallway outside my parents’ bedroom.  I honestly don’t know what troubled me so much, but I just wanted to be close to them. Knowing they were close made all the difference.

Maybe that’s not so strange. No matter what age we are, we like to be close to the ones that love us and protect us, especially when things are troubling us.

King David knew a thing or two about being troubled in life. The guilt of adultery and murder left his heart broken.  A broken relationship with his son left his spirit crushed.  It was really one thing after another throughout his whole life.  Just like it is with you and me.

I don’t know if you’re troubled right now but I know you have been, and I am sure you will be again. Relationships fracture and so do our hearts.  Dreams get crushed and so do spirits. It’s part of living in a sinful world and its rather troubling.

In heaven there will be nothing that is troubling, and we’ll never feel broken or crushed. Until we get there, the LORD gave David and you and me an incredible promise.  He promises no matter how troubling things get or how broken our hearts or how crushed our spirits he will be close.

When you’re weak he’ll be close to give you strength. When you’re ashamed he’ll be close to forgive. When your heart is broken he’ll be close to heal. When you’re spirit’s crushed he’ll be close to restore.  Through Jesus, and his powerful word, his gracious promise is to deliver you. There’s an empty grave in Jerusalem that proves it.

I don’t know what’s troubling you but know he’s close. It makes all the difference.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. – Psalm 34:18

He Is Close