Every day of my life the sun has shined. Yes, there were days the clouds were thick enough to keep me from seeing it, but it was still there. There were times the shadows were so dark and the wind so cold, I didn’t feel its warmth, but it was still there. I can honestly say, I have never wondered if the sun was shining. I was certain of it.

Do you know what’s more certain than the rising of the sun in the sky? The reality of God’s love for you. Long before this world was created, you were loved by God, and you will be loved by God long after it’s destroyed. In fact, he says it over 40 times in the bible, “his love endures forever.”

That’s why I am ashamed to admit that while I’ve never wondered if God’s light was shining in the sky, far too many times I’ve wondered if God’s love was shining on me.

Sometimes the challenges and difficulties of life form such thick clouds it’s hard for me to see his love, so I wonder.  Sometimes insecurities and guilt cast such a deep shadow that I don’t feel the love, so I wonder. Have you been there? Are you there now?

You should know there was a time when God’s love actually stopped. 20 centuries ago, God turned off his love for his Son. As Jesus hung on the cross, he stopped loving him.  God, the Father had taken everything that he could possibly hate about you, all the sin, all the doubt, all the atrocious things you’ve done, and he put it all on Jesus. Then he took everything that was loveable about Jesus, all the obedience, all the perfection, and beautiful things he did, and gave them to you.  On that day, Jesus clearly died…but you were clearly loved.

3 days later Jesus rose from the grave to assure you that God’s love for you will endure forever, right through your death and resurrection and long into eternity.   You may not be able to clearly see it right now and you may not necessarily feel it at the moment but make no mistake about it. You are loved by God…forever.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his love endures forever.  - Psalm 136:1