All Things

Things didn’t look so good for Paul.  He was a prisoner for preaching the gospel on his way to Rome for a trial date.  Along with the other prisoners he was fatigued from weeks at sea.  A terrible storm left them shipwrecked somewhere in the Mediterranean.  And if things couldn’t get any worse, Acts 27 tells us that the soldiers on the ship planned to kill the prisoners to keep them from escaping in the wreckage.  

Behind all the chaos, God had his eye on Paul and a very important plan for him.  Paul was to be His voice in Rome, and nothing would get in the way of that plan, not even and attempt on Paul’s life.  It was no accident, but all God’s doing, that the Centurion in charge spared Paul’s life and kept the soldiers from carrying out their plan.  Paul ultimately reached Rome save and sound.

Has life got you in a difficult spot?  Are you fatigued from the wave-like ups and downs of life?  Do you feel like a prisoner in a dead-end job?  Does a precious relationship seem to be shipwrecked?  Do you get the sense that people are trying to take you down?

Like Paul, God has his eye on you and a plan for you.  God is always working, like a grand conductor, orchestrating all things to keep his plan in place and bring it to fulfillment. Through Jesus, God’s plan lands you in heaven, safe and sound.  You’ll get there soon enough and in his good time.  Until then, please know there is nothing this world can throw at you that doesn’t go through him first.  There is nothing anyone can do to you that he won’t use for your good.  With Paul, trust God is with you and always working for you, even in the most difficult of times, and ultimately, you’ll reach your eternal home safe and sound.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28

All Things